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Lucha Wars

Lucha Wars

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Lucha Wars - A fun dice-throwing boardgame that lets everyone feel like a Luchador wrestler.

Lucha Wars was inspired by our original award-winning Luchador! Mexican Wrestling board game. It’s a fun, easy to learn game that brings to life all of the flavour, drama, and excitement from the sport of wrestling. When playing Lucha Wars with children we suggest you first play as tag-teams and help each other. Other than that have lots of fun and get chuckin those dice!

Our first wrestling game, Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice was awarded the Best New Family Game at the UK Games Expo in 2014. Gamers stated it was the best, most lifelike feel wrestling game they'd ever played. They loved the high-fives to tag-out and shouting of phrases like 'table!' and 'chair' etc. Now Lucha Wars takes that to a whole new level.

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Match Types

Lucha Wars includes the following match types: Training Mode (for Solo play & learning), Player v player, Three player changing alliances, Tag-team (up to 8 players), the Ladder match, the Cage Match, and a Weapons Match.
You can of course merge some of these together, for instance, a Weapons Tag-Team match.

Each Lucha Wrestler comes with their own standee, individual abilities, personal special move die, and player mat.

We encourage players to get into the spirit of pro-wrestling by smack-talk, high-fives tagging in and out of the ring, and of course cheering for your teammates.

Exclusive FREE gift!

With every order we will include a set of our cute Lucha Meeples.

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