Why Games are Good for Productivity and Well-Being

Why Games are Good for Productivity and Well-Being

Why Games are Good for Productivity and Well-Being

Stress is one of the most common sources of emotional pain for people today. Whether you're fighting traffic, or fighting something else entirely, you can find peace by playing games, both online games, and tabletop games. A new study from the Entertainment Software Association found that 65% of adults in the U.S. play online games for recreation and stress relief. But more importantly, there is much more as to why games are good for productivity and well-being.

Is gaming an effective stress reliever?

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Studying the use of online games to combat stress and strain is a relatively new form of research. To date, there have been few studies conducted on how people cope with stress and strain through playing online games. The results from this study suggest that online games are indeed a good tool for recovery from various stress-inducing activities. Playing skill-building games also keeps gamers sharp. If you've been gaming for a while, you know that playing days or weeks at a time sharpens cognitive abilities — namely reaction speed. Not only are these games fun and entertaining, but they also can reduce stress while improving cognitive functions and problem-solving abilities.

Can Gaming Improve Productivity?

It might seem like games are an inherent distraction from more productive activities. People are under more stress than ever before, whether it's in their jobs or personal lives. Playing games online at work can brighten your mood and increase your productivity. Playing strategy games can boost employee productivity, thus boosting overall business performance. In particular, studies show that a short break to play quick games like spider solitaire often make employees more productive and happier at work (key for a happy workforce that is growing to be the most important differentiator in the marketplace). In a 2012 study by researchers at the University of Waterloo, they found that casual video game-play helps participants recover from job stress. The research showed that sitting down to play was just as effective as taking breaks, and the participants felt rejuvenated both physically and emotionally.

Games Can Improve Mental Acuity

Games are not just for the young and impressionable. According to new research, playing complex games can help adults become more agile and creative. Playing a strategic game online can increase players' problem-solving abilities and their ability to think abstractly -- useful skills in any career path or business. New research suggests that playing online games designed to improve mental agility can help the brain sharpen. The study, which evaluated the efficacy of a variety of commercial games in improving cognitive function, suggests that players who made frequent use of these strategy titles in the post-game session performed up to twice as well on objective tests of visual perception, memory, and problem-solving compared to those who did not. People who play games while doing other things, like chores or working out, are mentally sharper and happier as they age. Many studies have found that people who play games more regularly -- even when they're not playing digital games -- are more engaged in their lives. These new findings suggest that being more active might actually contribute to brain health.

Games Can Help Retain Your Brain as You Age

You're not getting any younger. While digital games are becoming more popular among many genres of older adults, non-digital games are still worth considering. In fact, keeping mentally sharp might be easier with the more physical and social aspect of a board or card game.
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In line with other research on the topic, this finding supports the idea that games improve cognitive functioning. It helps users develop their brains in the same way that exercise does. This is what the latest research suggests. The more you play strategy games like Mahjong, the better off you'll be in your later years.

The Social Benefits of Online Gaming

There is substantial research that has identified reductions in loneliness, depression, and other social anxiety issues through online gaming. It is also very valuable for people who are geographically isolated or working from home etc. Connecting face-to-face via online media to play strategy player versus player games such as Codinca provides ‘social capital’. Simply put, social resources that make a friendship a friendship, or a better working relationship. Additionally teaming up with others to play cooperative games, such as Ninja Squad creates an environment of collective winning. It also generates multiple cognitive benefits to the players. So adding it all up, there are quite a few reasons why games are good for productivity and well-being.

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