New Backspindle Games website is alive!

Welcome to our new website!

We are delighted our new Backspindle Games website is now LIVE. Just in time to tell you that Luchador! (second edition) has now been sent off for printing. We keep our fingers crossed for no delays. Thank you to all the wonderful backers. If you haven't already done so, please complete your survey on Kickstarter as soon as possible. Guards! Guards! was due to arrive with us today, but due to no fault of our own we are most likely to received the pre-order copies on Monday and aim to dispatch them on Tuesday of next week. By way of apology we will enclose a second beautifully illustrated Discworld character bookmark by Stephen Player with each pre-ordered game. On 18-20 July we will be attending BroCon, in Limerick where we will be play-testing Clacks and hosting a Luchador! Tag-Team Tournament. The game was once again a great success last week at the event in Newtownards.
Backspindle Games had real wrestlers enjoying Luchador! with their young fans in Newtownards Real wrestlers enjoying Luchador! with their young fans in Newtownards
Over the next few months we will be doing more work on Clacks and attending DWCon 2014. At this event you can play Discworld Clacks and Guards! Guards! both the board game version and the 'run around the convention version.' Development work is still ongoing with an app for Codinca. This is a new venture for us and hopefully will be completed and then enjoyed by many. Have a wonderful summer!
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