We deliver! - the Best Family Game and more

What a fantastic 2014 for our wee company. Best Family Game of the Year award for Luchador! at the UK Games Expo, a very successful Kickstarter project for the second edition complete with 3D wrestling ring, Championship Belts, New Wrestlers, Advance Fighting rules and more.. We sold out of all games at Spiel, Essen, are making great progress with our 2015 Discworld release, Clacks, and are well on the way to making an app for Codinca....phew. There are many people to thank, including Mark Rivera, Meowgod, our Kickstarter backers, Esdevium Games, Game Salute and Spiral Galaxy Games. Then of course there are our play-testers, local gaming groups (particularly Wee Gamers and Lisburn Gaming Club, friends and respective families, our game demoers, our IT support and video editor; nearly too many to mention. All of this support has meant we are delivering copies of Luchador (2nd edition) to Kickstarter backers two weeks ahead of the scheduled date (See, it can be done). Ok before we write an Oscar acceptance speech and get all teary eyed.....we just better get on with this and show you the sort of emotion we like to see when gamers play Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice. If you want a piece of the action you can order your copy here. US, South American and Canadian customers can order from Game Salute. In addition we may also have Luchador published in different languages in 2015. Discworld Clacks is getting closer to release; indeed we plan to go to print in March 2015 with a release in the summer. We have a talented illustrator on board and have just updated the latest prototypes. For two weeks we also have a Hogswatch Special Offer for Guards! Guards! That's all for now folks. We'll keep you posted as more happens.
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