Clacks Transmission

Clacks has finally arrived!

Phew, we know it took a while, but we finally got there.... You can read our ‘designers diary’ here. The game Pat ‘The Duck Man’ Harkin told us in 2012 he could imagine kids in the streets of Ankh-Morpork playing it with bottle tops, had its official release at the Irish Discworld Convention in Cork on Saturday 3 October. We had a short presentation, a few live audience games and finally a live ‘late night poker’ style match, complete with overhead camera (many thanks Tech) in which two delegates got to challenge Pat Harkin, with the final winner being Milena Milojicic. Clacks illustrator, Amber ‘Nudge’ Grundy was on hand to present and sign a special copy for Milena. Clacks Release Winner at IDWCon2015 It was great catching up with everyone; especially Colin Smythe and all the gang from the Discworld Emporium. Happily Ian managed to find time for a game of Clacks too. Ian Mitchell playing Clacks with friends A massive shout of thanks to Siobhan and the whole team for a wonderful convention and to all of you who gave us feedback over the last three years which helped us develop Clacks. We were also delighted with how the Polish version of Clacks turned out. It is being sold by Phalanx The pre-orders from our website have started the shipping process and all should be completed by Friday 23 October. Spiel 15, Essen Strewth, back from the IDWCon on Sunday night and on a plane to Essen Germany for the biggest board game convention in the world on Wednesday morning. Oh the life of game publishers…demanding. None the less we did it; a complete four man squad of Backspindle Boys to demo, sell, have meetings, mingle and have loads and loads of fun for four of the craziest days of gaming ever. We also had help which we really appreciate from a lovely German chap called Tobias. Clacks at Spiel 15Bottom line, everybody loved our games; copies of Guards! Guards! were snapped up, (we guess many gamers do not want to miss it before the final print-run is exhausted), Luchador! the crazy fun wrestling dice game, was once again the loudest game at Spiel (check out this video clip - Luchador! dice fun) and finally Clacks, oh goodness, how the gamers at Spiel loved playing the cooperative race game against the Post Office. Some comments were "It's so simple, yet challenging" and "We love the way you have to try hard to beat the Post Office in the cooperative race." Spiel was simply fantastic! In addition to our games at Spiel, the same week Masqueoca took delivery of the first ever Spanish language editions of Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice.
A Luchador body t-shirt. All you need now is your mask. A 'Luchador body' t-shirt. All you need now is your mask.
We also sold a few of our really quirky new Luchador! T-shirts. You can order yours here. New Game In preparation for our release of Pocket Codinca for 2016 we also let a few large gaming companies try the simplified rules. They thought it was great too! Here is a mock-up of what it will look a bit like. Codinca Upcoming events We are delighted to be supporting Wee Gamers at Heroes and Legends, Eikon Exhibition Centre, Lisburn on 24 & 25 October and again at Belfast Film and Comic Con, SSE Arena, Belfast on 31 October and 1 November.
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