Clacks - The Fastest (non-magical) Messaging System on the Discworld

Clacks box cover Clacks box cover
Clacks back of box Clacks back of game box

Clacks is coming Just like in the novel 'Going Postal' where the Post Office competed hard against the Clacks, we at Backspindle Games have been working hard for the last year to bring fans another board game given life from the books of Sir Terry Pratchett. To all of you who play-tested Clacks over the last few years, thank you so much. Your feedback has greatly helped transform Clacks into a really good game. There are now three types of games that you can play in the box. There is a 'player versus player' game, a 'co-operative race game against the Post Office' and an introductory 'two-player game for children'. We are extremely pleased with the artwork of Clacks created by The Artful Nudger, a.k.a. Amber Grundy. Not only is Amber a massive Discworld fan, but she is also a very talented artist as you can see from the box cover and base. .

Pre-order giveaway At last the wait is nearly over... Some of you, like Cheery in 'Feet of Clay', may be trembling with nerves and excitement... others can’t wait to beat your friends playing Clacks. We can confirm the official release of Clacks will be at the Irish Discworld Convention in October 2015 and copies can be ordered for collection there in the pre-order. In addition we have a very special pre-order ‘giveaway’ for the first initial 300 fans to pre-order Clacks. Our pre-order shall ‘go live’ on the Clacks page at midnight on Monday 11 May 2015 (GMT).

Polish Version of Clacks We are also delighted to confirm the Clacks with also be released this year in Polish by PHALANX and it will be called Świat Dysku: Sekary.

Guards! Guards! we salute you... Four magical years of comments such as “It’s like being in a Discworld story” and “the most fun you can have without taking your clothes off” but sadly 2015 will be the last year we can publish Guards! Guards! A Discworld boardgame. If you know anyone who has not got a copy, or you feel you may enjoy reading the quotes on the 90 Discworld Character cards included in the game the time for buying is now, before they are all gone...

Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice reprint We are delighted to confirm that Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice (2nd edition) is being reprinted in 2015 and will be available around October. A pre-order will go live before the summer.

UK Games Expo If you can’t wait until later in the year for the release of Clacks perhaps you’d like to come along at play the latest demo with us at the UK Games Expo from 29 – 31 May in Birmingham. Our stand is in the hall of Kings. We will have a very limited amount of copies of Luchador! and Guards! Guards! for sale at this year’s UK Games Expo so you may wish to visit us on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.

Mohican Runner The Mohican Runner

Mohican Runner He has always been a fan of our games, a lover of Discworld and lover of Lego, so when the Mohican Runner (a.k.a Richard Hayes) took on a massive fund-raising challenge we felt the least we could do was offer him our support. For someone who only started running in 2012 to lose weight, by the end of 2014 Richard had raised over £4000 for the NSPCC by running 13 half-marathons in 13 months, a fantastic achievement! Richard has now taken a break from fund-raising and recently completed the London Marathon. We will be delighted to support him in the future. Well done Richard!

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