Best New Family Board Game 2014

Best Family Game Award Best Family Game 2014 The week that started on 1st June 2014 will go down as a landmark week in the Backspindle Games board game history archives! On Sunday 1 June at the UK Games Expo we were deeply honoured to receive the Best Family Game 2014 Award for Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice (1st edition) from Red Dwarf star Chris Barrie and doubly delighted that our Kickstarter project for the second edition of the same game hit its initial funding target of $16,000 on Saturday 7 June. ‘Pleased and delighted’ does not come close to how fantastic we felt. At this time we’d like to say a massive thank you to all those who helped and supported us with Luchador! in particular the designer, Mr Mark Rivera and our illustrator @meowgod . At the time of writing our Kickstarter is LIVE with just two days to go. Thanks to the fantastic backers we have already hit two Stretch Goals and hope to have one more really special Stretch Goal before the campaign ends. You can get in on the action here.The 3D ring available via our Kickstarter The 3D ring available via our Kickstarter Next weekend Backspindle Boys Leonard and Andy and a few other friends will be at the wonderful Q-Con both selling some copies that are left of Luchador! (1st edition) and demoing our other games. We would also like to post a big thanks to the guys at Weegamers who held a Luchador! demo evening in Downpatrick with real live wrestlers playing our game for
A real wrestler getting ready for Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice match A real wrestler getting ready for Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice match
From July 18th-20th 2014 we will be at the growing gaming and anime convention in the University of Limerick called BroCon At it we will be running a Luchador! Tag-Team tournament and David has been invited to play a showpiece game of ‘Cards against Humanity’…..oh dear! Because we have been so busy with Luchador, we have had to put back our development of our new Discworld board game, Clacks. However as written earlier we will be demoing it at DWCon and will have copies of Guards! Guards! A Discworld boardgame for sale. As always we will be running a ‘Run around the Convention game of Guards! Guards! and David may be doing a little something else this year to keep you all relatively calm in the midst of all the shenanigans. Finally this is the last week for you to purchase the pre-order discounted copy of Guards! Guards! from our website at only £29.99 Get ready for summer, conventions and fun!
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