Best Family Game selling out fast in UK

WeDontKnowReplayTagTeamChampions2This week has been amazing! This week has been amazing! An unbelievable amount of Twitter action at @backspindlegame with loads and loads of happy Kickstarter backers sharing pictures of their copy of Luchador! Our distributor in the UK, Esdevium Games had 600 copies, and had allocated all of them within the week..... We were delighted when they advised us of the buzz! They had to limit stores to a small amount before they all went...whao! Game Salute have approximately 900 copies to sell for us in the United States. Hopefully our games will be loved there just as they have been on this side of the Atlantic. We also got a big increase of followers on our Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice Facebook page, most of them Kickstarter backers. Thank you very much everyone! The Backspindle Boys Leonard and David were recently guests at the Replay Games Club, in Bangor, Co Down. (Thanks Gareth). There they ran a Luchador! tag-team tournament. It was great fun with lots of crazy team names, smack-talking and PIN shouting. The eventual winners were ‘We Don’t Know’ who triumphed in the final over the Replay Rancheros. We Don’t know were delighted and received a copy of the Luchador! second edition each from Leonard. Finally we did sell a few games today and do have some in stock if you know anyone who likes a easy to learn, fun, award winning family game for Christmas you know where to send them. Thank you all so much for the great BUZZ you have created!
WeDontKnowReplayTagTeamChampions Tag-team champions - We Don't Know
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